First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness

Innovated Wellness Company Supporting Employed Veterans Population. Wellness Education using Facebook, with Health Care Options. Telemedicine App and community medical center.



this is a"Special Wellness Vendor" website. First Approach EA Worksite Wellness. We address the needs of Employed Veterans.

Medical and Financial  Challenges Demand Acute Understanding. Veterans receive IRS form

1095B. Returning this form to the IRS gives Veterans medical coverage under Affordable Care Act. 

Let's Work Together for

we have Innovated  IMPACT Options proactive to employment. An employer's health financial budget can reduce greatly.



 Feature 1

 We partner with Telemedicine App.  Store on  First Approach EA/ Worksite

Wellness Facebook page.  Along with community care options, medical center. 

 Feature 3

 Financial Wellness Management. Referrals to companies, banks, credit unions proactive to supporting veterans. Free membership.

 Feature 2

 Wellness Education via Social Media  Smoking Cessation Included. 

Feature 4

 Wellness Advocacy by appointment. After work we can discuss major wellness issues.

Merchandising promotions building workplace culture.