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Wellness Prevention Educational  Produce Productivity. We are open to discussing full employee plan.

We are marketing Change. Preventing that walk to the EAP Manager.


Homelessness Is A Process.

Most Homeless Veterans Had Jobs.

Let's Work Together!

Productivity The Results.

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Former Department of Veterans Affairs Career Employee has produced a team.

 We review our consumers basic veteran eligibility. Enroll, prioritize with accessible after work medical and emotional health care providers.

Using friendly, casual, evidence-based Social Media to educate consumers, "wellness FYI."

Partnering with Telemedicine-app service HEALTHIEST YOU. According to data from Teladoc, Healthiest You generated $10 million in 2015. Another $8 Million the first six months of 2016. 

A consumer can address minor health issues for him or her self and family in a timely manner which is cost effective available 24 hours a day. Healthiest You app can find your nearest pharmacy. Giving consumers the lowest price. First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness cost is $7.00 a month per employee. Healthiest you service app. $11.00 per employee. Both of these fees can reduce. 

Financial Wellness Advocacy, we will place you with the proper group, company, or person to address your financial problem. 

* Smoking Cessation Information.

* Outcome Evaluation, Good Attendance Awards.

( employees are awarded for harm reduction ) Life skill Awards.

* Working with Human Resource Managers. 

Membership: * National Center For Crisis Management

* American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, (Fellow)

* National Association Of Case Management (Forensic)

* National Wellness Institute

* NYC Veterans Alliance 

* National Network Library of Medicine

Consulting with a number of wellness/medical educational researchers.

CDC Center For Disease Control Prevention.

Business Sector Codes, NAICS 624190, 621399, D&B Registered. 

Special Note: Presently 19 percent of business in America have Wellness or Health Programs.

Funding a program reduces absenteeism, emergency care, lifestyle risk factors, tobacco, stressors. All these factors can lead to chronic health conditions.

Let's work together building a stronger workforce.