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Wellness Prevention Educational  Produce Productivity. We are open to discussing full employee plan.

We are marketing Change. Preventing that walk to the EAP Manager.


Homelessness Is A Process.

Most Homeless Veterans Had Jobs.

Let's Work Together!

Productivity The Results.

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Former Department of Veterans Affairs Career Employee has produced a team.

 We review our consumers basic veteran eligibility. Enroll, prioritize with accessible after work medical and emotional health care providers.

Using friendly, casual, evidence-based Social Media to educate consumers, "wellness FYI."

Partnering with Telemedicine-app service HEALTHIEST YOU. According to data from Teladoc, Healthiest You generated $10 million in 2015. Another $8 Million the first six months of 2016. 

A consumer can address minor health issues for him or her self and family in a timely manner which is cost effective available 24 hours a day. Healthiest You app can find your nearest pharmacy. Giving consumers the lowest price. First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness cost is $7.00 a month per employee. Healthiest you service app. $11.00 per employee. Both of these fees can reduce. 

Financial Wellness Advocacy, we will place you with the proper group, company, or person to address your financial problem.

Smoking Cessation Information.

Outcome Evaluation, Good Attendance Awards.

( employees are awarded for harm reduction ) Life skill Awards.

Working with Human Resource Managers. 

Member: National Center For Crisis Management

American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

National Association Of Case Management (Forensic)

National Wellness Institute

NYC Veterans Alliance

Partnering with NNLM, SAMSHA

CDC Center For Disease Control Prevention.

Consulting with a number of wellness/medical educational research groups.

Special Note: Presently 19 percent of business in America have Wellness or Health Programs.

Funding a program reduces absenteeism, emergency care, lifestyle risk factors, tobacco, stressors. All these factors can lead to chronic health conditions.

Let's work together building a stronger workforce.