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COVID-19 Has Changed America Workforce

For veterans eager to remain productive as career professionals or entrepreneurs, opportunities for further growth must continue to exist. At the same time, access to a variety of solutions to wellness, health, and homelessness should also be made available to them at a price they could afford.

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Employees must have a traumatic event support plan. At the same time, access to a variety of solutions options that are a tool to prevent homelessness. The educational process must be made available to all employees at cost-effective fees employers can afford. COVID-19 has changed the world producing financial and emotional hardship.

At First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness, we believe worksite wellness harm reduction employee engagement is the best way for every employee, veteran alike to enjoy having a better quality of life.

Empowering workforce return. No PPO, HMO, then partner with First Approach EA.

EMPLOYER-BASED per month per employee. Presently Seeking Governmental Funding For Small Business With Hourly Employees. Non-insurance access to wellness care using the Telehealth system and educational resources. Networking, coaching.

FAEAWW dimensions of harm reduction wellness are emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical wellbeing. The first veteran-owned firm to partner with Teladoc Healthiest you in support of employed veterans worksite wellness.

  • Wellness Advocacy, Non- VA Emergency Care Coaching Case Management.
  • WORKSITE WELLNESS KIT ( hand-on health and fraud prevention educational )
  • Telehealth Bundle Services.
  • Financial Wellness Consult.

James Jenkins’ Story

     First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness, LLC  was developed by Chief Operating Officer, James Jenkins’ desire to enable positive change in the lives of employed military veterans and their families along with small business.  In his own words, James tells us why this is necessary and how it all began:

     “Most individuals make three career changes in life." After active military service, (honorable discharge). I became the first black American marketing and sales junior executive at the New York City Children Market. I had a featured article in a Women Wear Daily. 

     Moonlighting as a freelance media person covering music and event photojournalism, I built a strong relationship with several agencies. It was around this time that my mother became ill with breast cancer so I started studying medical and nursing books. I believe knowledge is a tool for curtailing the burden of illness and that’s how I was able to cope with such an unfortunate situation.

     During the mid-1980s, I noticed many Vietnam Era veterans were becoming homeless. By the time the Gulf War started, it had become an epidemic. Prompted by the Department of Veterans Affairs Marine veteran who was counseling veterans.  I was asked to become a rehab intern. I obtained clinical skills and used my background in business to help my fellow veterans.

     I have since worked in the private and government sectors protecting the civil rights of disabled veterans. As a forensic case manager, I have also worked with local, federal courts, district attorneys offices, and private attorneys. Passionate about anything I do, I went on to become an AFGE local employee assistance case manager. (EAP Manager) New York University spotlighted several graduates of their School for Professional Studies. I was one of those individuals.  Model of Success.

     After 911, I enlisted in the Division of Military and Naval Affairs Army Division as a non-commissioned officer/behavioral counselor, disaster relief until my honorable discharge in 2013.”

Now COVID-19  Emergency.

The workforce has been truly compromised. Trusting government will partner with our intermediary firm.   If not employers can contact  First Approach EA/ I am sure we can partner our services.


Business Credit from Navy Federal Credit Union helped us open our door at 75 South Broadway White Plains, New York 1st May 2016.  After our first year, we obtain additional credit from US Bank.   January 2020 welcoming  American Express Business Card.

AWARDS:  Proclamations, Hon. Thomas M. Roach City Of White Plains NY. Former Westchester County Executive Office, Hon. Andy Spano.  New York State Assembly Merit Award also NYS Citation, the office of Assemblymen Hon. David Buchwald for supporting employed veterans worksite wellness. Finalist Top Ten Upcoming Business noted by Westfair Communication.  (2018) 

James’ Credentials

Through more than 20 years of service in various capacities, James has gathered the following credentials and service.

  • Certified in Crisis Response, National Center For Crisis Management.
  • Counselor Emeritus, NYSOASAS.
  • Fellow, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • Sergeant, Shield Veteran Police Association (New York City) leased. 
  • EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR N.Y.S., N.J., CONN. American Institute for  Preventive Medicine. 
  • NYS Senator Peter Harkcham Veterans Advisory Council attendee.

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  • We are A+ BBB-Rated firm (Accredited)
  • Our Company is a Member of the Following Organizations:
    • National Center for Crisis Management
    • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (Fellow)

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    • National Association of Case Management (Forensic)
  • National Wellness Institute
    • New York City Veterans Alliance
    • National Network Library of Medicine 

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  • We Consult Wellness/Medical Educational Researchers, Including:
    • CDC.gov  Center for Disease Control Prevention.
    • Business Sector Codes, NAICS 624190, 621399 SIC 8320.
    • Dun & Bradstreet Registered

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