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For veterans eager to remain productive as career professionals or entrepreneurs, opportunities for further growth must continue to exist. At the same time, access to a variety of solutions to wellness, health, and homelessness should also be made available to them at a price they could afford.

Create a high-productivity worksite culture and reap the rewards of a booming business. Contact First Approach EA Worksite Wellness for access to health and wellness programs for veteran employees and fellow workers. You may also follow us on Facebook and engage us in conversation. We can serve clients all over America.

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Medical Information and Advice

It is not the intention of FAEAWW or Employed Contractors to provide medical advice. We provide consumers with educational and life skills information to better understand their healthcare options. We provide sources for maintaining wellness. These include all social media posts.

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  • We are A BBB-Rated Company (Non-Accredited)
  • Our Company is a Member of the Following Organizations:
    • National Center for Crisis Management
    • American Academy of Experts in

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  • Traumatic Stress (Fellow)
    • National Association of Case Management (Forensic)
  • National Wellness Institute
    • New York City Veterans Alliance
    • National Network Library of Medicine 

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  • We Consult Wellness/Medical Educational Researchers, Including:
    • CDC Center for Disease Control Prevention.
    • Business Sector Codes, NAICS 624190, 621399, and D&B Registered

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