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Educational Services

Prevention | Employee Engagement | Retention

For veterans eager to remain productive as career professionals or entrepreneurs, opportunities for further growth must continue to exist. At the same time, access to a variety of solutions to wellness, health, and homelessness should also be made available to them at a price they could afford.

 Promote Your Brand & Worksite Wellness

Educational material to build an employee engagement culture.

Initiate Change In Your Company And Others.

First Approach EA Worksite Wellness, LLC is a full-service employee wellness education firm. Our materials cover all aspects of workplace wellness, including.  Marketing your logo or brand on products. Vendor, distributor, intermediary firm.


Personal Cyber Security, Smoking Cessation, Medical Decisions, Workplace & Safety Health at Home.

 All employees are faced with daily living challenges. First Approach EA Worksite Wellness provides educational materials and minor health options to empower your team to maintain quality employment and a better quality of life. First Approach EA can work with large firms by directing plans to sections of their companies.


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First Approach EA Worksite Wellness can create custom packages of our materials. For more information on our wellness materials, schedule a free consultation and we can explore " Hard Copies Bundle"  that best fits your needs.​ Please click below to fill out our consultation request form.

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         COVID-19 has made worksite wellness a vital component of any company culture genuinely concerned about the welfare of its workers. Funding a program of this sort reduces absenteeism among other employee benefits. Accountable use of FYI.  Factors leading to chronic health conditions. Lifestyle risks and stress initiators are kept in check. For this to work, employers need to partner with educational solutions.  Partnering employees is an education in preventive health care. We research the researchers to provide updated FYI to employers. Seeking to address worksite issues other wellness company do not find important.  ID theft, Computer screen time use, among other timely preventive care subjects. Stigma in obtaining mental health treatment. Hopefully keeping employees out of the employee assistance office. Saving healthcare cost.


Minor Health Care Provider

In the last 24-month processing building our brand, we have forged partnerships with major health and wellness companies developing into an award-winning intermediary partnering firm.  Due to COVID-19 Medical Event First Approach EA/ can now be a virtual employee assistance provider. 

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Financial Management


 Referrals to companies, banks, credit unions and other financial organizations that are proactive to veterans' needs. These sources offer free membership,  financial advice. Certified financial support.  Consultation with our financial partner.

Seeking to start a business?  Get the real facts and support.

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  • " Knowledge is the tool that going to prevent the scammers and bad actors from attacking  active military, veterans and families.  Producing financial hardship along with emotional trauma. We at First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness L.L.C. do not have all the answers. We are however, actively working with businesses and organizations that share our passion. Join our mission to maintain employees who have dignity and respect.

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 Wellness Advocacy

LAW4ACCIDENTS.COM  for injury consultation.

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Having a Job Makes a Big Difference

Homeless veterans had jobs. In some incidents, the lack of direct support from their employer produced a situation that management could not continue to maintain employment.  This is position we all ought to keep in mind as we promote productivity among working veterans along with all employees. At First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness you get access to productivity-enhancing initiatives.

Find Quick Healthcare Access 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines workplace health programs as " a coordinated and comprehensive set of strategies implemented at the worksite that includes programs, policy, benefits,environmental supports, and links to the surrounding community designed to meet the health and safety needs of all employees"

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Cost-Efficient Medical Consultation

 COVID-19 has changed the way we visit the doctor office.  Employees are capable of addressing minor health issues 24 hours a day and offered the nearest pharmacy for medications at the lowest prices. By partnering with our telehealth provider.  Together we are able to bring the cost of medication needs down. Non-insurance provider.

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Employee Incentives 

To motivate your employees, worksite wellness a targets outcome evaluation and rewards. Employees productivity based on good attendance. Workers also receive life skill awards for harm reduction in the workplace. Working closely with human resource managers in this aspect. No gyms, unless the consumer feels they want a membership.  Focusing on employees being at work, being productive. Prevention the mission.  Build a Worksite Wellness approach for your company. Providing up-to-date wellness,culture building merchandising all which is cost-effective.

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  • We Are BBB-Rated firm  (A+Accredited)
  • Our Company is a Member of the Following Organizations:
    • National Center for Crisis Management
    • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (Fellow)

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    • National Association of Case Management (Forensic)
    • National Wellness Institute 

    • New York City Veterans Alliance
    • National Network Library of Medicine  NNLM

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  • We Consult Wellness/Medical Educational Researchers, Including:
    • Center for Disease Control Prevention
    • Business Sector Codes,  Primary NAICS 624190, 621399,  SIC 8320

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  • Email Protected by the Privacy Act of 1974
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline  1800 273-8255
  • 988